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Porto of Sperlonga Srl signed the disciplinary concession with the Regione Lazio in 2008, to extend, re-qualify and manage the Sperlonga dock. The application for a concession was submitted in 2002 and was accepted after a public evidence procedure, which also included the publication on the Official Journal of the European Union (series 2007 / S 41-050348).
Expansion and retraining work was carried out on the basis of the approved project in 2002 and submitted to a conference of services in 2013.
As provided for by the concession, the works were funded exclusively by the Port of Sperlonga Srl, 95% owned by private shareholders and by 5% by the municipality of Sperlonga.
In this act it is stated that the works are financed in total and exclusive charge by the dealer who will also have to pay an annual fee to the tax office.