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The recently enlarged and refurbished Sperlonga tourist port is a dock-shaped port, according to a pattern typical of the inner seas such as the Mediterranean, where it often exploits a natural extension of artificial winters.

The port was built around 1960, to meet the needs of the local fishermen and boaters. With the years the tourist and recreational function has become prevalent thanks to the quality of marine waters, the beauty of the coast (which includes the Regional Park of the Ulysses Riviera) and the proximity of the Pontine Islands, located within the 30 mile radius.

An overflowing pier that starts from the Truglia tower headland and extends for 200 m in the direction of NW – SE, and a curved line undercut jetty delimits two basins separated by a central arm, with a total surface area of 13,000 square meters, with a access channel, wide 13 m and 90 m long.

Tracks of the docks are reserved for professional fishermen, the Coast Guard Sea search and rescue services (SAR) and the mooring of the passing boats.
Two hydraulic connections between the basins and the supply of clear water coming from the nearby springs ensure effective water recirculation in the two basins.
Thanks to the special attention paid to design and construction, the port is well-placed in a landscape of great value, while technological networks respect energy saving criteria and environmental sustainability.

Floating piers and floating docks, paved in wooden logs, are equipped with power distribution systems, drinking water and washing water, serving the boats in park. Paid users can be activated by prepaid card.

W.C. Boat chemicals can be unloaded at a specific collection point near the fuel dispensers.

The boats are accepted in absolute safety and the port is equipped with all ground services: administrative offices, reception, guardian, toilets with showers, laundry.

A reserved parking area is available for the yachtsmen; A shuttle service that uses an electric vehicle connects parking to the rug.

The Municipality of Sperlonga has entrusted a Truglia tower, a sighting tower built in the sixteenth century, to the company that has built and operates the port of Sperlonga, to promote cultural events and environmental education workshops.

The port is home to a diving club that organizes courses and underwater excursions.

The archaeological site of the Grotto of Tiberius extends the beach of Angolo, considered one of the most beautiful in Lazio from Legambiente and the Italian Touring Club.

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